Sali, Dugi otok

Sakarun Sakarun Sali Veli Rat Sali Sali Sali Sakarun Telašćica

Every visit to the island in summer, autumn, winter or spring has its charms.

During summer the island is full of its residents and the many visitors who wish to experience the dynamics and bustle of the summer, but it may not be the right time for everyone to go on vacation.

You can visit and enjoy the beauty of the island and the nearby nature park during autumn when the temperatures aren't that high anymore and the weather is perfect for swimming and there are not so many visitors on the island.

The main activity of the residents of the island in winter is olive harvest, so if you're interested, you can participate in the harvest in one of the olive groves of your host.

The right time to visit the island might be in spring when the nature is awakening and the climate is mild and pleasant.

Useful informations

Gas station is located in Zaglav.
The only ATM in island is located here, in Sali.